Relief for Americans Caught in the Obamacare Tax Penalty Catch-22

By David Young

Whether talking with small business owners, moms, farmers or healthcare professionals – healthcare rightfully remains a common and serious topic of conversation and concerns for Iowans. There is no question the nation’s health care law known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) – or what some call Obamacare – has helped some patients, but there is no denying it has also hurt many across our state. As I’ve said time and again, I’m committed to work for common sense solutions to improve health care for all Iowans – not just some.

Over the past few years, Americans have seen how the ACA has led to higher health care costs, fewer and less health care options, and poorer quality of care. Iowa is no exception. Here at home, hard-working families have had to find ways to pay for their health care which has gone up almost 50% in costs for tens of thousands of Iowans already trying to make ends meet.

Recent developments in Iowa are creating access and cost issues for patients. Aetna and Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield announced their plan to pull out of Iowa’s individual health insurance market for 2018. And on May 3, The Des Moines Register reported Medica would follow the footsteps of those other carriers and leave the individual insurance market if needed steps are not taken to return stability to the health insurance market.

This means over 70,000 Iowans in 94 of our 99 counties will be left with zero health care options, effectively making Iowa a health care desert and denying care for Iowa children, families, including those with pre-existing conditions and the most vulnerable among us.

If having zero health care access options isn’t bad enough, under the ACA law, Iowans who live in those 94 counties that will in effect be health …read more

Source: Caffeinated Thoughts Education