How The GOP Moves On After Trump

By John Gustavsson

President Donald Trump speaks at CPAC 2017.
Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump is in serious trouble. We do not yet know where the story will end, but we do know that he is being investigated by a special prosecutor, that his son, his son-in-law, and his campaign manager all had meetings with Russians, and that he by his own admission fired FBI director James Comey over “the Russian thing”. It seems more and more likely that Trump colluded with Russia, and we are left to ask who knew and who didn’t (Was Pence involved? Was Ryan?) and whether a GOP-majority Congress would under any circumstances impeach a GOP president. I hope that the answer is yes, as loyalty to the president – any president – has no place in Congress; Congress is meant to be a check on the executive branch, regardless of the party allegiance of the person currently in the White House.

However, assuming that Trump is in fact either impeached or resigns (more or less reluctantly) as the investigation proves beyond even a shadow of doubt that he colluded with Russia to win the presidency, how does the GOP move on? How do you ever recover from having elected a man like Donald Trump? Here’s what I believe the GOP will do:

  1. “Trump never got a majority of the primary vote.” First of all every GOP representative will in the future point out that Trump did not win the support of a majority of GOP primary voters. Trump got about 45 %; a strong plurality for sure, but not a majority. “Most of us never wanted that guy in the first place,” they will tell everyone who will listen. This is true on paper, but it conveniently leaves out the part where the GOP went along …read more

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