Who We Are

Family Taxpayers Foundation (FTF) is an advocate for an efficient, high quality public education system in Illinois and for responsible, effective use of tax dollars by local and state government.

FTF’s goal is to raise public awareness of abuses within the public education system and strive to influence public opinion in favor of solutions that will bring about real reform in public education.

Our focus is on fiscal accountability and transparency in all matters related to the use of tax dollars, specifically the public education pay system, administrative practices, the state school construction program, and Illinois’ Teacher pension system .

We advocate the following:

  • replacement of the outdated, union-controlled public school system with a system that uses free market principles, including school choice and school vouchers,
  • achieving flexible education options that address the needs of the student more satisfactorily;
  • fiscal accountability and transparency and greater taxpayer control over school spending and management;
  • preservation of the rights of parents to direct and control the education of their children.

To achieve these goals, FTF engages in the following activities:

Maintaining our web site, www.familytaxpayers.org, with information regarding
education reform issues, including a link to a Teacher & Administrator Salary
database for the entire State of Illinois,

  • Analysis of school district spending for certified employee personal services, administrative costs, and new building construction projects.
  • Providing opinion and analysis from supporters of real school reform and education options.
  • Periodic e-newsletter digests to subscribers
  • Articles and letters to news outlets regarding education and tax issues.
  • Networking with other organizations engaged in education reform as well as local tax watchdog groups.